Modern Maroon is a living anthology that explores the relationship between contemporary aesthetics and traditions of Black survival independent of the State. 

Modernity is an aesthetic conveyed through the material culture of the First World, the "developed" Global North, the three most prominent symbols of which are the skyscraper (post industrial intellectual labor-based economy), the car (mobility), and the computer (automated communication and documentation) - with the photograph as an auxiliary through which these symbols have been consecrated and disseminated.

Marronage is the practice of escaping enslavement with no intention of return or of eventual integration into the dominant social fabric. 

In the First World, where our ability to communicate, to document, to mobilize, and to move seemingly depends upon (1) our place in the intellectual labor-based economy and (2) our use of tools created to colonize and/or to maintain colonization, how and to where do we escape?

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