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brunch + seance: nat "iron man" avery

Nat "Iron Man" Avery cradles a Chesterfield cigarette between his index and middle fingers as he stares at the 18th hole, prepared for professional golf play A***** P***** to take the shot that will win him his 4th and final Master's. In his 11 years as AP's caddie, Iron Man has picked out the right clubs for him to use for each shot, calculated the angle at which AP should aim and swing, and perhaps most importantly, provided him with the beverage that fueled his career and that has since emblazoned AP on the American memory: a 1:1 mix of sweet tea and lemonade.

In true white supremacist fashion, Iron Man receives no credit, The drink, after all, is most commonly refered to by the misnomer "A***** P*****" - a monument to white supremacy in the national imagination. We must refuse complicity. 

Please join me on the morning of April 16th when we will invoke the spirit of Nat "Iron Man" Avery (and possibly other Nats - like Turner - and Averys - like Shug) before embarking upon a campaign to reclaim the beverage that every real nigga holds dear in Iron Man's name. 

Iron Mans and other refreshments will be served.

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