In the past day, six different people have asked me what was going on with my blog. Whoops. It honestly didn't occur to me that folks were checking for my work like that. I mean, six is a small number, yes, AND it's more faithful readers than I imagined myself to have. I see the numbers in my squarespace analytics app. My readership ain't as low as it could be. Just over 15,000 people from 27 countries read my Black Panther review. A few thousand read my Kara Walker piece (I even got an email from the NYT telling me to remove or license the image) and another few thousand the first Anti-Imperialist Parenting post. But reading an essay cause the title piques your interest while scrolling through social media and actively seeking out new writing by the essayist are two different things. In short, I can't even put into words how grateful I am to hear that my work is resonating with people so much that they're coming back for more. Thug tears. I take those questions as a sign. To answer: I spent all the spare $16 I had at the new vegan soulfood spot on Broad, several times over, instead of paying for my website subscription. It was well worth it. And now I'm back to pick up where I left off. Full of the most delicious bread pudding - but not shit, cause greens, fresh juice, and good sense.